The Ace Hotel Pop-Up Showroom: A Treasure Trove Of Local Jewelry Designers

Alyssa Vingan
The Ace Hotel Pop-Up Showroom, which packed up shop last night, was a carefully curated showcase of indie clothing and accessories designers. I easily spent over an hour inside the little hotel room, which housed some pretty big talents, all stemming from New York City and its outer boroughs. The main attraction was jewelry, with seven unique lines sharing the space. I could spend all day gushing in detail about each individual piece I loved, but instead of boring you, I'll share a quick few of my favorites. 

Species by the Thousands is the eco-friendly creation of Erica Bradbury, and draws inspiration from the natural world. Many of her jewels feature animals like wolves, snakes, and foxes, as well as organic objects like twigs -- her double finger "McCarren" twig ring was one of my favorites! For the new season, the brand is offering a line of hand-printed organic tees adorned with one of nine absurd images, including a long-haired 70's guy or a grizzly bearded man. 

Elizabeth Knight is a Brooklyn-based jeweler whose metalwork drew me in right away. The Savannah College of Art and Design grad casts odd items from nature -- like bones, claws, coral and teeth -- in brass and sterling silver, producing surprisingly delicate results. One of my favorite pieces was an earring in which a freshwater pearl is held in the grasp of a frog's foot. Luckily, I was around in time for the sample sale, and I scooped up one of her frog body necklaces for myself!

It was difficult to drag myself away from the Triskaidekaphobia booth, since every fantastical piece was more intriguing than the next. The designers, Tiffany and Christina d' Six Six Sick, named their line after the superstitious fear of the number thirteen and their dark humor comes through in their jewels. From metal teeth, to a giant squid attacking a pirate ship, to a miniature "Drink Me" bottle from Alice in Wonderland, their irrational works are truly original. The line's newest collection contains pieces inspired by the passage of time. Highlights include chunky, vibrant necklaces and bangles that mimic watch gears, sundial cuffs, and heavy necklaces made of "tick marks" -- similar to the ones prisoners use to count the days they've spent in jail. 

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