In 2015, everyone's favorite thing about Austin's SXSW Music and Arts Festival is complaining about it. Lines, corporations, brand building, "synergy," fucking brisket -- all of these topics have crossed my Twitter timeline with a sigh and an eye-roll. And it just started today, for chrissakes! With that in mind, I have two pieces of advice: 1.) Don't go, or 2.) Head to Austin and see some cool bands and meet some cool people and get some free shit and eat some good food. And while that sounds simple enough, there will be lines and there will be brand building. Like all things in life, you're going to be disappointed to some degree. If you think you're going to get into every showcase and every party, well, you're bound to have a lousy time. But you also could be stuck in the snow, or at the dentist, or stranded on the Syrian-Turkish border. So lighten up, eat a taco and have some fun. And, if you can, check out a few of these up-and-coming acts that will be playing music they made just so you could hear it.

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It's Symone For Me!

Story by Jonathan Borge / Photography by Pol Kurucz / Styling by Marko Monroe / Hair by Gigi Goode / Nails by Juan Alvear