The 10 Most Upsetting Turkey Costumes

We've never met a turkey, but after seeing this video of a turkey chasing a news producer into a car and then waiting for her outside of it, as well as just looking at photos of turkeys, we're pretty sure that if you ever made eye contact with one it would rear its scaly, primordial-looking beak and peck your face off. No questions asked. It turns out that some people want to dress up like turkeys, which we suppose makes for a really good, really scary Halloween costume. In honor of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, here are the 10 most upsetting turkey costumes we found after some quick online digging. (Also, we apologize to the people posing in these photos and hope they used the money they got for putting these terrible costumes on toward something fun and soothing. Like talk therapy.)

1. Just turkying around (and watching you sleep through your bedroom window)! [Via]

2. What has two thumbs and wants to claw out your eyeball with one of his three, razor-sharp toes? This turkey! [Via]

3. What can I say? I'll kill ya. [Via]

4. And I'll kill ya too! [Via] 

5. This is for a KIDS PARTY. Via []

6. Those googly-eyes are incapable of registering fear or pain in the faces of others. [Via]

7. May I sketch you some time? [Via]

8. The most upsetting thing about this costume is that we found it on a website called "Naughty Creations." Hot, sexy fun. [Via]

9. Nope. [Via]

10. You're crazy for this one,!

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