That's So Raveonettes

The Raveonettes have been making fuzzy love rock since the dawn of this decade and the Danish duo is not done yet. I sat down (over the phone) with the darkly dapper singer/guitarist/songwriter Sune Rose Wagner to discuss the new album, vintage treasures, and the perils of eating on the road.

Tell us about your new album In & Out of Control. How do you keep your sound fresh without repeating yourselves?

Well, we always try to make an effort to keep it fresh. I think Sharin said something once that really stuck a chord in me, she said that all our albums were reactions to our previous albums and I totally agree with that. All our albums are very different from each other. Pretty in Black was very pretty, Lust Lust Lust was more of a darker, noisy-sounding album and then this new one is again back to more of a pop sensibility. We just react to what was done before.

You guys are about to embark on a massive North American tour. Have you guys sampled any weird American food on the road?

It's a tough country to tour through, and especially difficult are the long stretches of road where the only thing you can really get is fast food. None of us are into fast food, so it's a struggle to eat vegetarian. We do try to accommodate ourselves a little bit and if we have a little time in the morning we'll find a Whole Foods or something. But I think we're getting pretty good at it now from many years of eating bad food on the road. Overall, it's easier to find good food in Europe.

It was just Fashion Week in New York; are there any designers you're excited to wear?

I like certain brands. I like Acne, I get a lot of free stuff from them. My wardrobe is pretty much filled with that, as well as some Fred Perry. I would personally really like to get more into Marc Jacobs because I think he does a lot of great stuff and I think that could be really interesting, but I haven't got a connection there yet.

You gotta make friends!

I know! He comes from a pretty cool place and he's aware of good music, like Sonic Youth and stuff, so I think that he could do something really great with the Raveonettes, if he was into that. But, you know, I walk around New York a lot and go on all these shopping sprees.

Any cool vintage finds?

I actually went window shopping two days ago and I got a really nice Ralph Lauren vintage cardigan that I really like. I also was able to find a YSL vintage jacket from the ‘70s for fifteen dollars. I couldn't believe it. It was in immaculate condition!

No way!

It wasn't in New York though, it was in Milwalkee.

Oh. That explains it. So what's going on with your music videos? Have you got one in the works or will you wait to be inspired on tour?

We just shot one in L.A. not long ago, but we have yet to see the final results. This video was a pretty difficult one to shoot because, you know, there's always a time frame and some things never really pan out so you gotta compromise a little bit. Compromise is never easy. So I'm not really sure how amazing it's gonna be. I'm hoping it will be great but, we'll see.

Final question: Everyone loves to hate L.A. Thoughts?

Um….I don't hate it! I will say that I have enjoyed being there if I have things to do. I love working in L.A. and playing shows but I do feel a little alienated if I'm there for too long. I think it's because I'm so used to walking down the street in Manhattan and bumping into people I know, and I just don't get the same feeling in L.A. because you're always driving and it's strange to me! I'm sure I could get used to it, but I feel very alone sometimes when I'm there.

You just really depressed me.

(Laughs) I really just like walking, looking at people and being inspired. I always walk in L.A and people look at me like I'm crazy, or lost. I'll walk to a bookstore an hour away!

You are a brave soul!

The Raveonettes' In & Out of Control will be available via Vice Records on October 6th.

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