New York, with its diversity of neighborhoods and people who call the city home, has always been a source of inspiration, especially for creating show-stopping outfits. When Luanna moved to the city from Peru, she reveled in and tapped into that energy. "Literally all of my looks are inspired by a moment in this city," Perez says. And like the city itself, Perez enjoys being a chameleon, picking a new look every day from a range of different eras and aesthetics (though always with some of her signature touches, like a bold lip, thick eyeliner or a choker).

A carefully selected lipstick color is the final touch to each of her ensembles. "Lipstick can totally change the mood of an outfit. A bold lip can add just enough color to transform my whole look. With 39 different shades, Kat Von D Beauty's Studded Kiss Lipstick line has so many different colors that I can take my look from super casual to ready for a night out just by changing my lipstick."

Kat Von D Beauty and Paper collaborated to follow Perez around Williamsburg as she finds the perfect look for every moment, whether she's having her morning cup of tea or buying flowers, accenting them with colors from the Kat Von D Beauty Studded Kiss lipstick line. Every moment out in New York is a moment to make an impression. As Perez says, "There's so much going on here. I feel so ecstatic to start my day and get dressed, and put on my makeup to go out."

Photos by Sharokh Mirzai @Mr_Mirzai

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