Raise your hand if you've gotten or thought about getting a tattoo you knew was a bad idea, in a place you knew was going to be the most unflattering. Did you do it anyway? Well, now there's a company that wants to make sure you can check whether your tattoo idea looks as good on your body as you think. A new app allows users to virtually simulate how their design will look before actually getting ink injected.

Inkhunter aims to help people determine whether their brilliant tat ideas will look as great when they're actually on their body. Users draw a smiley face on their arm for their phone to detect. Then they can either choose designs from the gallery, or upload their own sketches to be displayed, virtually, on their skin.

While the app currently just allows you to test drive tattoos, they have plans for expansion. They plan to reach out to tattoo artists and parlors, so that people who are thinking about getting inked can take the next step of finding an artist who fits them. While the app

[h/t Daily Dot]

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