Terry Crews = Major Lazer (In a New Video, That Is)

by Abby Schreiber

Major Lazer has a new video out today for "Scare Me," their track featuring Peaches and Timberlee, and we finally get to see the titular Jamaican major IRL. Played by former NFL player (and Old Spice peddler) Terry Crews, we first meet ML when he's called to duty by...Nick Kroll. The League actor plays the head of a sketchy shadow government that needs Major Lazer's help in fending off a "rotten warlord" named General Rubbish who's somehow affiliated with one of the dudes from Workaholics. The whole clip is fun and pulp-y (and a little silly, especially with the in-your-face e-cig product placement) but if you're looking for something to rouse you out of any Monday afternoon doldrums, this is the thing to do it.

"Scare Me" appears on Free the Universe, out now

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