Tense Thriller The Resident On DVD & Blu-ray

Out now on DVD and Blu-ray is the tense new thriller The Resident (Image). A buff-looking Hilary Swank plays an ER doctor, suffering a bad breakup with her boyfriend (Lee Pace). She answers an ad for a loft in Brooklyn and it's almost too good to be true: it's  large, with incredible views and the only other tenants are the handsome, handyman/landlord Max (a very good Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and his aged, ill, grandfather (Christopher Lee). But soon she gets the feeling that someone is always watching her, and installs a spy camera connected to her computer to see if she is just imagining things. Trust me, she is not. Something definitely creepy hides behind the walls in this building. Handsome production values and nice cinematography from Guillermo Navarro (Pan's Labyrinth), this builds the suspense nicely and is another production of the newly recharged Hammer line (which produced the above-average Let Me In). It's also nice to see the venerable Lee in another Hammer production --  he still has a way a delivering lines that slightly chill the blood. 

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