Ted Muehling's Amazing World

I stopped into my dear friend Ted Muehling's shop/studio on Howard Street last night for a little get-together celebrating his latest amazing collaboration with the super old aristocratic Austrian glass company Lobmeyr. It was so much fun and the work is so sick and amazing. Lobmeyr is famous for their paper-thin drinking glasses, and here they were serving amazing elderberry necter and prosecco with deviled quail eggs (I kid you not... there were like thousands of them!). But Muehling added his touch onto everything for this limited edition collection. The glasses and decanters were etched and painted with tiny ants, butterflies, and gnats in true Muehling style. My favorites were a beer glass (I think they cost like 600 bucks each!) with two little house flies painted on them and the little shotglasses with ladybugs or a human eye on the bottom as a surprise. I ran into Muehling fans and old friends there like Murray Moss (who also sells the Lobmeyr in his shop), Kiki Smith (who I think was a little freaked out about being plastered all over the place in those Gap ads), Mats Gustavson (Muehling's life-partner and wonderful artist), Lars Nillson, Neil Logan and Solveig Furlong (my #1 favorite architects lately) and lots of others all worshipfully bowing at the alter of our gifted friend Ted! Bravo.

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