In honor of the series finale of the beloved Parks and Recreation, Second City dug up a compilation of scenes from a 1995 pilot, RVTV, starring a 23-year-old Amy Poehler. The clip features Poehler "hacking the NRA's supercomputer" and showcases more of her charmingly limited rap skills, which is always a welcome bonus. The Second City pilot also stars improv guru Del Close and Matt Dwyer, who told Splitsider, "I honestly do not recall where the concept came from." After watching Del Close remove his dentures and smack them against his face, we can totally understand how this special sort of brilliance would be blocked from everyone's memory. Relive the 90s with Amy Poehler, above.
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Story by Mario Abad / Photography by Alyona Kuzmina / Styling by Stefania Chekalina