One of the pitfalls of fame is that all the embarrassing shit from your "lol, it's an inside joke" days is fair game for Internet roasting -- and it looks like it's T. Swift's is the current celebrity backlog du jour, as Buzzfeed has just uncovered some bits from her alleged pre-fame Myspace -- comments, photos and all.

That's right, once upon a time, America's country-pop princess was also a normal teen with a thing for boys with shattered bangs! Surprise!

However, the best part of this discovery is definitely the treasure trove of comments she left re: "sex vans," her friend's boobs and, uh, sewing machines. Thanks, Kelsey (dammmnnn morris)! Behold:

Chorttle. God, I hope I never become famous.

[h/t Buzzfeed]

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