In "Ok, then" news, Taylor Lautner has confirmed what no one needed to know: Taylor Swift's 2010 country twang-pop sugar horror ballad "Back to December" was, in fact, about him.

As we all know, Taylor and Taylor's publicists made them take pictures together dated from 2009-2009, and shattered Twihards and Swiftees alike in the wake of their saccharine schism; the song, and its sober video from her 2010 album Speak Now were inspired by it.

The news came today during a Facebook Live Q&A with Lautner with Lea Michele and John Stamos, his co-stars in the new season of FOX's Scream Queens.

The topic of Lautner's post lovahs came about, and Lea reminded him that he dated T-Swift.

"You dated Taylor Swift; I remember that. Didn't she write a song about you?!" then asked if the song mentioned a "sweater and a hat," which, lol.

After a minute of Michele going OFF about the "hat," and Lautner playing coy, he corrects her and says, "Back to December."


Once upon a December...

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