Over the weekend, supermodel and staunch coding enthusiast Karlie Kloss celebrated a joint birthday bash with oil heir Mike Hess in the Hamptons.

In attendance was one of KK's headlining BFFs, Taylor Swift, emerging in semi-public after laying low post-Kim K Snapchat-Gate.

Rapper Nelly, a fellow St. Louis, MO native with Karlie Kloss, entertained the soirée with some of his glorious early aughts hits.

Taylor joined him on stage, and feigned surprise when Nelly asked her to help him sing his iconic 2002 hit "Dilemma" (she sang all of Kelly Rowland).

The duo had grooved together before, when Taylor and sisters HAIM sang backup to Nelly's "Hot In Here" when the rapper appeared on her 1989 tour last year.

Then, to the likely surprise of no one, busted out her white girl "person who's just realized they can actually move their limbs in rhythm" dance moves we've seen her to do at awards show when she's possibly trying to ensure a BuzzFeed article told in GIFs about how We Are All Taylor Swift Dancing to Kendrick Lamar At An Awards Show.

Happy birthday, Karlie.

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