Taylor Swift and her clandestine enemy Katy Perry, who, like the continents-spanning superstates in 1984, remain perpetually, and peacefully at war, attended the same soiree to honor Aubrey Drake Graham's passage into 30-hood last night In Los Angeles.

Swift and Perry, who are Dra-quantices via his on/off beau Rihanna, were snapped in different quadrants of the party, never appearing together (that we know of), but courageously tolerating one another in the name of merriment. They did, however, pose with the same people (separately, of course):

Another factor was thrown into this violently boring telenovella, Swift AND Perry's respective ex: John Mayer.

Truly the hetero love triangle smoothie of my nightmares.

The TayTay-KaTay schism, maze-like in its vague and uninteresting backstory (and the supposed inspiration for Taylor's revenge anthem "Bad Blood"), is clearly still as fresh a wound as ever, as Katy Perry's PR team Katy Perry tweeted this out last month in one of her (genuinely funny) bursts of crumb-throwing to her loyal KatyKats on Twitter:

Regardless, the two seemed to be enjoying the evening in their individual roosts of self as Drake's Rihanna-less party raged on; let's not pretend the rivals didn't encounter one another in the otherwise empty ladies' room, lock eyes for at least ten seconds, then start cackling together while levitating off the floor.

Header photo via BFA

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