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[Update 07/22/15, 1:30 p.m.: As The Guardian aptly points out, Taylor's new merch may inadvertently become an item of political contention, seeing as how 1989 is not only the year of her birth but a censored date in China because of its links to the Tiananmen Square protests/massacre. Probably also doesn't help that her initials are TS. Oops.]

As if she weren't already undisputed queen of the Western hemisphere, Taylor Swift is taking one step closer to world domination with the launch of a clothing line for the Chinese market. Created in collaboration with Nashville brand builder Heritage66 and sold through Chinese e-commerce site JD.com, the women's collection will include dresses, sweatshirts, and tops ranging from $100 to $120.

Designs purportedly cater to local sensibilities, as the items are available exclusively through JD.com starting next month. Heritage66 calls the move an attempt to weed out sellers who are using her brand to create unauthorized products; we call it a blessing to Chinese TSwift fans, since the rest of us will undoubtedly be left scouring eBay for resales. May the queen of pop also grace us with a collection of adorable crop top/skirt combos in the near future.

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