As BuzzFeed is reporting, a truly insane and downright transcendent internet conspiracy theory involving Taylor Swift and the Church of Satan is flaring up across the world wide werb, once again.

Avril Lavigne, step aside!

The theory supports the claim that Taylor is actually cloned from the DNA of Zeena LaVey Schreck, an American artist/daughter of Anton LeVay--the founder of the Church of Satan; Zeena was the church's high priestess from 1985-1990, before leaving the church to become the high priestess of the Temple of Set, and now a Buddhist (same, though).

On paper, the two look supernaturally alike.

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This theory has been around for a few years now, with some articles and postings going back to 2013...written on The Superficial, before getting picked up on Reddit (of course).

Some of the Reddit comments were just spectacular.

Taylor Swift, queen of inspiring religious tolerance!

Of course, multiple, sketchily-made YouTube videos exist to lay evidence for the claims that Taylor is some sort of Illuminati/Satanism-hybrid experiment from Hell...


Essentially, the videos seem to disregard the logic of time; that, believe it or not, a human person, including Taylor Swift, can change physically as she ages.


Twitter, not surprisingly, is running back into the T-Swift clone fog with opens arms, because why not?

What else do we have to do these days.

The general consensus seems to fall in favor of said-cloning.

I mean, so many lols.


Some have tied in the Kim K snapchat ssssssscandal...

Waiting for an official statement by the Church OR Clone Tay.

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