In a past life, Taylor Swift was surely a brilliant public relations strategist, shimmying through company crises and public meltdowns with the grace of a snake swan. After spending a few weeks at the number one spot on the charts with her comeback/revenge anthem "Look What You Made Me Do," Swift was overtaken by America's current favorite sweetheart, Bronx rapper Cardi B with her summer hit "Bodak Yellow."

In a brilliant PR move, Swift sent Cardi B flowers to congratulate her. Cardi B Instagrammed the bouquet, revealing herself to be a Swiftie at heart:

Cardi also put Azealia Banks, who claimed on Twitter to know Cardi's ghostwriter and called the rapper a "poor man's Nicki Minaj," on blast by posting a video of Banks going nuts to "Bodak Yellow" in the club (because "even the haters love it!")

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