UPDATE UPDATE: Katy Perry chimed in on the Calvin Harris/TayTay Swift Twitter dramz...

...she, herself, was mentioned in the mix.

Her response was...very Katy Perry:

She also retweeted herself, because why not:

In a very "OOOOP" twist, it seems Taylor Swift has one more thing to cackle about it in the wake of her breakup with Calvin Harris.

TMZ is reporting that TayTay, in fact, wrote Harris and BadGalRiRi's recent hit "This Is What You Came For."


ALLEGEDLY, Taylor wrote the song, and recorded a rough piano demo on her iPhone; she sent it to her former beau, and the two actually recorded a proper demo in a studio--Taylor on vox and Calvin producing.

Always humble cornstalk,Tay decided to hang back on singing over the finished product, not wanting their status as BF/GF4LYFE to overshadow how good the track is.

That's when Rihanna stepped in.

Naturally, Taylor got to keep those publishing rights ($), and is credited on the final single as "Nils Sjoberg."


Calvin took to Twitter to "yeah, true" the rumor:

...and then started pulling a "Woe is me" about Taylor and her team coming for him:

...then got a little (a lot) TMI on us:

...then went "love and light" on us.

Twitter is already piecing together the clues that were there all along...

As the song--not surprisingly--went on to top the Billboard charts, TMZ claims TayTay went full Godfather, after feeling disrespected by Calv during an interview with glazed ham with teeth Ryan Seacrest, on his radio show.

After Seacrest asked Harris if he and Swift would ever team up on a song, Calvin played dumb, and responded:

"You know we haven't even spoken about it. I can't see it happening though."


Taylor felt snubbed, and a few days later, she danced with a British man at the Met Ball, and the rest was, well...yeah.

Mr. Harris has the added pressure knowing that Taylor, legally, has the right to bar him and Ri from performing it live: that Machiavellian action has yet to occur, but I personally would not put it past ol' TayTay...

Header photo via BFA

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