Taylor Swift may have only released her latest album a few days ago, but one of the songs has already sparked a brand new meme.

Last Friday, the star delighted fans with the surprise drop of her new record, Evermore. And though many Swifties were busy hunting for clues in tracks like "Dorothea," the sixth song on the album, "No Body, No Crime," also provided its very own built-in murder mystery for listeners.

That said, the lyric "I think he did it, but I just can't prove it" has also since inspired a new viral trend, with many fans invoking the line to jokingly solve some of the greatest conspiracies and mysteries in pop culture — whether it be the Ted Cruz Zodiac Killer meme or a number of Princess Diana references.

Check out a few other "No Body, No Crime" memes, below.

Photo via Getty

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