Tao, Tavern on the Green and Junior's Top Highest Grossing Restaurant List

Here's a report from our foodie and statistics expert Gary Pini...

Attention foodies and statistic freaks: Restaurants and Institutions magazine released their 2007 edition of the Top 100 grossing independent restaurants in the USA. The numbers are mind boggling. Tao Las Vegas is #1 and grossed $55,289,055 and half of that was from booze. Now we see why everybody opens a branch in Vegas. The New York City Tao only grossed $26 million and came in at #4. Tavern on the Green is #2 ($38 million) and 21 had one of the highest average per person expenditures at $150.76. Junior's in Brooklyn (#23) did better than the Four Seasons (#30) and a restaurant in Michigan called Zehnder's that somehow seats 1,400 people, grossed $13 million and is #43. Stop listening to all the pessimists and go ahead and open a restaurant.

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