Tao Lin and David Shapiro Give Us the Perfect Interview at the World's First Perfect Zine Launch Party

Alex Chapman

Hoards of umbrella-clad music nerds stood outside the record store Other Music last night, waiting tolerantly to pass through the jam-packed celebration for The World's First Perfect Zine, a brand-new online periodical created by David Shapiro of the hilarious "Pitchfork Reviews Reviews" blog. Although we were looking forward to a DJ set from Das Racist's Victor Vazquez, we heard rumblings upon our arrival that he wouldn't be making it due to a sound check. The night, however, improved -- PAPERMAG fav Jenna Wortham was DJing, we found a record called Nuggets for $15.95, and we got a chance to talk to Shapiro, along with the always amusing, always strange Tao Lin (who will be contributing to the zine), about perfect things. Spoiler alert: Tao Lin loves Coconut Water.

What's a perfect meal for you?
Tao Lin: Just like, juice.

Any juice in particular?
TL: Coconut Water.

What flavor? There are different coconut water flavors.
TL: The kind straight from the coconut -- the one you can cut open.

What's that wrapped around your hands?
TL: This is a plastic bag with coconut water in it. I wasn't lying -- I really like coconut

What is the perfect pet?
David Shapiro: A cat and a dog that fall in love.

The perfect date?
If a girl takes me on a really expensive vacation.

The perfect smell?
DS: The scent of a woman, like that movie.

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