Talk About Hustle & Flow

It's not exactly news when Hollywood film accounting practices are called into question. The courts are a familair stomping ground for film folks looking for some justice. As Richard Pryor once famously put it: Justice? That's what you see when you go to jail -- just us. Well, this time it looks like a court date is in the offing for director Craig Brewer, producer Stephanie Allain and actors Terrence Howard, Anthony Anderson, and DJ Qualls who had all worked for close to scale in return for a piece of the profits from Hustle & Flow, the film that was scooped up at Sundance for $9 million once Brewer persuaded producer John Singleton to pony up around $3.5 million of his own money to make the film. The studio also gave Singleton $7 million to produce two more films. Unlike most Hollywood accounting nightmares, this one pits Singleton, the film's one-time savior, against the filmmakers and members of the cast. While Singleton, the director of "Boyz n the Hood" and "2 Fast 2 Furious" maintains it's all a mistake -- even as he withheld payments for no specified reason -- the ball's in his court, so to speak....

photo: Brewer, Allain and Singleton in happier times
via la times


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