Take That: Lela Rose for Payless Shoes

First off, I would like to congratulate "meli," who won the Checkered Vans Wallet. Said Meli:

"Well... I love it cause I can give it different uses. Obviously, I can store my money and cards in it, but I can also use it as a mini purse to store my keys, cellphone, lipstick, even my shades. I can use it to play chess, and in an extreme case, as a mini pillow or umbrella everytime I have to place my ass on the sidewalk or whenever it rains."

Way to think outside the box, Meli!

This week's Take That item is a beautiful patent leather pair of Lela Rose for Payless shoes -- in a size 9. Sorry, my small-footed friends! Tell us why you want to strut your stuff in these fly shoes, and we'll send them your way! Thanks, as always, to our lovely Take That model Blaire Huntley, who is seriously rocking these kicks.

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