Tag Rag & Bone's New Houston Street Store

Alyssa Vingan
If you've walked down Houston Street near Bowery lately, you've undoubtedly noticed a sizable mural of abstract graffiti on the corner by artists Barry McGee and Josh Lazcano. Now, thanks to Rag & Bone, it looks like we're going to be seeing a lot more street art in that neck of the woods. The label is hosting a contest, calling for painters, graffiti artists, or anyone with an active imagination to submit work, which will be 'galleried' on a large (10' x 15') canvas outside of the store. The initiative, called the houston/PROJECT, will be judged first on Facebook, and a winner will be chosen from the five most "liked" designs by the brand's in-house visual team. In addition to the glory of having his or her work displayed outside of the store and on the brand's blog, Rag & Bone will provide the winner with all supplies needed for the project, as well as an $1000 gift certificate to any Rag & Bone New York location. For more information, check out the R&B website or official Facebook page, and then grab some spray paint and get to tagging!

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