This Is the Queer 2019 Calendar of Your Dreams

This Is the Queer 2019 Calendar of Your Dreams

Swetboxx, is one of the most exciting parties to hit Miami last year, looking to change the cis-heterocentric vibe of the South Florida city's club culture by bringing its queer underground to the forefront. Brought together by Red Bull Music, the warehouse party sought to highlight local collectives Internet Friends, Space Tapes, and Miami's premiere vogue night, Catwalk, all under one roof. Inviting NYC crews Discwoman, Papi Juice, and NAAFI, Swetboxx looks to further the conversation around inclusion and expand Miami's nightlife horizons to a queerer frontier.

In celebration of the new year (long live 20gayteen), the Swetboxx crew has gathered together the whole family for an inaugural calendar. Featuring all your favs, from Miss Toto to NAR to FKA Twink and of course Gami, we are telling you already are going to want throw out that over-oiled firefighter calendar to make room for this beauty.

Photos Courtesy of Swetboxx and Red Bull Music

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