I stopped into Norma Kamali headquarters on 56th Street this morning to see her awesome new collaboration with the Everlast people. Now I've been a Kamali fan since the late seventies when I fell in love with her use of sweatshirt fashion when everyone else was designing disco wear. And now, twenty five years later Kamali has once again embraced the sweatshirt with this new little line. The stuff was cute. Simple cute shapes, but this was no streetwear collection. We're talking cute shawl collars, bloomer bottoms, romper skirts. Completely cute. I really admire this woman for sticking to her knitting and continuing to explore and expand. And her store is just as fabulous as it was twenty five years ago when it used to be on Madison Avenue. Those fabulous down coats and jackets she makes are still selling like hotcakes. I died for the Dayglo one I saw this morning. The best part of the morning was that Norma herself showed me around. I can't believe that after all these years doing what I do I have never met this woman who I so admire. She was so nice and looked amazing. Check her out checking us out (at right).


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