Sure Enough, Yoko Ono's Opening Ceremony Collection Is Insane

We shouldn't be, but somehow we're still in a minor state of awe over how utterly insane avant doyenne Yoko Ono's new Opening Ceremony line is. Taking a cue from her drawings inspired by her late husband's "sexy bod" (seen in this animated video above), the collection features mesh tank tops, literal "crotch-grabbing" pants, butt cut-outs, man bras and a fashion apparatus known as a "bell board" (whatever that means). Though we don't expect to be shelling out $250 to buy our dads/boyfriends/roommates/brothers a "lightbulb bra" anytime soon, we have to hand it to Yoko: she had an idea and fully realized it. Musicians/actresses/models/It Girls who have their own fashion lines or capsule collections are a dime a dozen, and so many of them simply slap their name on a brand and call it a day. As for Ono, however, she clearly had more personal motivations behind the line: an appreciation of Lennon's private parts.

Check out some of the more interesting designs below and head over to Opening Ceremony for the rest.

Mesh cutout shirt, $145; Hand trousers, $335

Bell board, $400

Lightbulb Bra, $250

Butt hoodie, $75

Eyelet tank, $150

Jock strap, $200

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