Fun fact: supermodel/former Victoria's Secret Angel Karlie Kloss dabbles in computer coding. Even cooler fun fact? She's apparently starting a summer camp to help teach other young women how to do the same thing!

Dubbed Kode with Klossy, the program will bring two week-long entry-level coding programs to almost 80 ladies in LA, NYC and her hometown of St. Louis, and will teach students how to build Web apps with Ruby, a prominent open-source coding language. After all, women are sorely underrepresented in computer science, so it's great to see someone with such a large platform encourage other girls to do the same.

"The Kode With Klossy curriculum, powered by the platform and taught by inspiring teachers, is designed to be fun, hands-on and collaborative," Kloss said in a blog post announcing the program. "Through teamwork and creativity, each student will learn how to use code to build a web app that expresses her personal passions."

Talk about a model citizen?

[h/t Daily Dot]

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