Muscle-bound Long Island-native Erik Rhodes is bringing a New York flavor to the man-on-man media world, usually overrun by West Coast blond twinks. The 25-year-old Adonis is at the top of his field (well, actually, he's versatile... wink, wink). Rhodes is a Falcon Exclusive, the gay-adult equivalent to being under contract by MGM in its golden age, although Joan Crawford probably wouldn't have been interested in the studio-subsidized gym membership and tanning-salon visits. On the road to superstardom, Rhodes, whose early run-ins with the gay scene did not leave the best taste in his mouth (pun intended), made some sexy stops along the way, including Fantasy, a now-defunct strip club in Long Island. "I was dancing there. I never knew there were hot gay guys. So I started hooking up with all the dancers." A recruiter from Falcon spotted him at a nightclub and asked him to send in photos. "I thought, 'Why not get paid to fuck hot guys?'" He took the plunge -- literally -- with his first movie, Flesh, which featured him in an underwater scene. (It was Rhodes's only non-Falcon film.) Having made nine more movies since, Rhodes is proving his dominance in the field by the launch of his new anatomically correct sex toy (he can't wait to try it out) and, last month, his own live webcast from his New York apartment. "I sit there, and they tell me what they want me to do. I'll basically do anything they say," Rhodes says. The web makes it easy to shoot adult content far from the sun-drenched shores of California. "I find L.A. pretentious," he remarks. "I can only stand it for short spurts. I need city life." Michael Lucas, a Russian emigré turned porn czar, has built an all-male adult-film empire in the aptly named Naked City. Could Lucas and Rhodes be pioneers in making New York the new capital of gay porn? (The Mayor's office will be thrilled.) "I wanna keep it kind of fresh," says Rhodes with a smile. "I don't wanna ruin my fifteen minutes. Gimme thirty minutes, then get rid of me." But after 30 minutes, we've only just gotten warmed up.

Outfit is model's own.

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