It's that time of year again... [ richfofo]

That week between Christmas and New Years [ 2000ish]

Me. [ meangrandma420]

Leave her alone!!!!! [ contentzone]

This queen walked around New York for 10 hours, and talked to everybody that catcalled her. <3

*sings* It's gonna be alright with Gigi. [ ChrisFleming]

: ) [ sonny5ideuptv]

*Law and Order theme song intensifies* [ fkatwigs]

.... [ contentzone]

Face it - if you actually gave a shit about your dog, you'd buy it a golden necklace of its own face with diamond snot. [ eurimm]

Who is she and who is she? [ hauntedhallways]

This panda is facing off with a snow man, and the stakes have never been higher. [ guardian]

Srsly. [ nochillatall]

Neutral evil 4 life [ weirdwideweb]

Damn. [ bigkidproblems]

Somewhere in this .gif lies the true meaning of Christmas [ ChampagneManagement]

In conclusion: every "Christmas" in the 90210 Christmas episode. [ Cinefamily]

Happy Sunday and Merry Christmas!

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