We found love in a hopeless place [weirdwideweb]

Meanwhile, uptown... [sensualmemes]

I know that's right! All my ladies, make some noise! [nochillatall]

Wait for it... wait for it... the best part of the song is coming up... wait for it.... [neontalk]

The best meme of 2016 with the worst meme of 2017 [weirdwideweb]

Send help [4eyes]

My entire sexual identity in one gif [2000ish]

Are you guys following Comedian Trixx yet? [ComedianTrixx]

Some real pearls in here. [nochillatall]

I gasped. [nochillatall]

People should be way more invested in this genre of masculinity [uncletnuc]

Card 5, Card 1 rising, moon in Card 8 [businesscasualmemes]

Clippy, I rebuke thee. [hauntedhallways]

Cirque de Soleil should be 100% more like this [ken-draa]

These hard drives performing Wham!'s Last Christmas is a new holiday classic. [tastefullyoffensive]

Just practical advice [weirdwideweb]

This meme is such a wild ride... [contentzone]

What those eyes have seen... [weirdwideweb]

It's a dumpster fire yule log for a dumpster fire year! [weirdwideweb]

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