Forever mood [slaymie]

We wrote about this on Friday, but we're still not over the emotional journey of Shaq lip-syncing 'All Night' by Beyoncé. Treasure this. Watch it often. Show your loved ones. Let it open up a healing dialogue.

This is not a phase mom, this is who I really am [soap_shoes]

When I die, I hope it's because Mariah Carey rolled over me with her office chair. [officialseanpenn]

Step into to the club like [laughterkey]

Damn. [malefragility]

Gwen can't handle it. [laughterkey]

Dyke & Fats are back and they're gonna save Christmas [NBC]

Take my breath aaaaaawaaayyyyyyy [JamesonAnimalResearch]

*eyerolls in wizard* [laughterkey]

: ) [yung_nihilist]

This joke is so pure. [nochillatall]

Death drop season is upon us hunty. [youvegotnomale]

Sleigh me St. Nick [newnownext]

A valuable perspective [_theblessedone]

Kuato looking motherfucker [nochillatall]

Collect your mans Mrs. Kringle [nochillatall]

If you walk out that door now, don't you dare come back. [JamesonAnimalResearch]

I like her way better. [laughterkey]

??????? [BusinessCasualMemes]

This Vine put me in a theta state [laughterkey]

Look what you've done [_theblessedone]

Happy Sunday everybody!

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