The perfect horse face doesn't exis– [1800Garbage]

Raisins = magic [ChampagneManagement]

Honestly? Good to know. [NoChillAtAll]

Watching these Sugar Ray fans freestyle will straight up ruin your day. : ) [EverythingIsTerrible]

Grow out your barbels, cuffing season is upon us. [contentzone]

God Karen, grow up. [porpentine]

Dear Santa... [NBC]

Accurate. [1800Garbage]

This is officially the last relevant dab. []

In all seriousness, who is she? [1800Garbage]

My queen. [theblessedone]

Mariah's evil British, brunette alter ego Bianca throwing a champagne flute on the floor is the only known cure for depression. [NoChillAtAll]

*gentle quacking* [fuckjerry]

Literally, get out of my seat. [NoChillAtAll]

Tag yourself, I'm Blue Hustler [NoChillAtAll]

This is going on the mood board. [yung_nihilist]

Me rising from my grave [laughterkey]

Allow me to present these two real tweets from Toronto City Councillor, Norm Kelly:

Thank you for your time. [NoChillAtAll]

This mulleted man's awkwardly passionate whistle cover of "Georgia On My Mind" on this 80s talk show will leave you with...a lot of questions. [longlivethenewflesh]

Happy Sunday!

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