TFW you're a chihuahua with a bow on your head and you don't know you're beautiful [weirdwideweb]

God's new manicure [krovargas]

Name a more iconic duo. I'll wait. [skeetshoot]

Too hot for Wikileaks [powerburial]

Let this wash over you. [scariest_bug_ever]

Get my duck costume. [1-800-garbage]

Go right on ahead [dankmemes]

Love is real, y'all. [sonny5ideup]

Works for me. [businesscasualmemes]

This baby stole his mother's phone and filmed the getaway and...oh my god. [tastefullyoffensive]

Does my insurance cover this? [laughterkey]

I absolutely hate this. [weirdwideweb]

As America burns, Japanese reindeer are learning how to deliver Domino's pizza [mashable]

Wyd? [scariest_bug_ever]

You already know who it is (sweetheart) [grapejuiceboys]

Parrots: they're just like us! *bashes face against the floor four times and prances joyously in a tight circle* [tastefullyoffensive]

Selfie [coldheartedcapricorn]

It could still happen! [weirdwideweb]
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