This is pretty much white noise for your eyeballs [weirdwideweb]

Raise your hand if you're stuck in the wall and people keep throwing ham on you [grapejuiceboys]

I think we can all agree that this didn't end well. [AlexandraKlasinski]

"Kim? It's Jesus." [weirdwideweb]

There's still hope for 2020 [betterlearn]

SQUAD [idiod]

Where is the lie? [nilbog]

One clapback to rule them all [fkatwigs]

Your box is acting weird [weirdwideweb]

She haunts me . [fkatwigs]

Gotta see the whole Internet before my head hits the pillow. [tindervsreality]

*takes blue pill* [1800garbage]

Here comes the boy! [nochillaatall]

"Every time I came to shut goats in the fold at night, I found the monkey was either on the back of this goat or that goat. I tried to feed bananas to the monkey, but it did not eat and held on to the goat tightly." [mashable]

Fave genres. [laughterkey]

I want to live inside this vine [weirdwideweb]

He seized the moment in a major way here. [sonny5ideup]

Who is the side piece in this scenario? [buffydavampireslayer]

Happy Sunday!

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