Don't even think about it Vanessa Hudgens [onapinkplanet]

It ain't her fault [yung_nihilist]

The flagrant disregard is key [BusinessCasualMemes]

Carrot witch! [ChampagneManagement]

The perfect man doesn't exis– [SatansTrousers]

What a wonderful world... [Osirisandfriends]

Same. [yung_nihilist]

A man surprised his dog by dressing up as his favorite toy, and... oh my god [DailyMail]

We are truly in the golden age of memes [BusinessCasualMemes]

64 at least [ChampagneManagement]

Sign me the hell up [ChampagneManagement]

A Dick Wolf joint [Sophocles]

Who is she? [VictoriaAycock]

Avocato [onapinkplanet]

I'm not trying to live in a post-Vine reality [Sonny5ideUp]

This video of four gentlemen serenading a baby goat on a rock as they take turns feeding him carrots WILL SHAKE YOU [AnthonyHamilton]

Reckless. [MyTherapistSays]

Love you always, Vine! You can check out our compilation of essential Vines here.

Happy Sunday!

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