It's gonna be all Ken Bones and Female Libertarians out there this year [scariest_bug_ever]

Big big mood [DARius]

Get you a man that can do both. [yung_nihilist]

Sigh... I wish cool guys like that went to our high school. [EverythingIsTerrible]

The Volcom endorsement matters, ok? [versace_tamagotchi]

Just a lil domesticated house otter eating lettuce. No more. No less. [1-800-Garbage]

"Did they mean good like good? Or good like, good not great? Well, did you ask them?" [EverythingIsTerrible]

Actually, this explains a lot [Adults Incorporated]

...any questions? [contentzone]

This is emotional [WeLoveShortVideos]

Twist [WeirdWideWeb]

I cannot overstate the sensuality of this Pekingese's cover of the Narcos theme [eurimm]

Ok, this is just an all-around incredible Instagram account. [eurimm]

Fine. I'll stop! I'll stop. [eurimm]

Jason, call your mother [BusinessCasualMemes]

Tag yourself, I'm night brain [Lucy Bellerby]

Happy Sunday everybody!

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