Basically, that's amore [CriticalVibes]

Unbroken. Unbound. [Joan Holloway]

Crazy if true [Sonny5ideup]

Watch this, and then let's work together to forget this ever happened. [NBC]

The perfect woman doesn't exis– [the.internets]

An Australian man provides commentary to two cats fighting over milk. The ticket pays for the whole seat, but you'll only need the edge. [Tastefully Offensive]

How and where? [Miinute]

Just makes the day go by faster. [BusinessCasualMemes]

Chewbacca sounds are all around us [Mashable]

This week in a Vine [WallsRunIntoME]

If you're not following Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary on all social media outlets, we have nothing further to discuss. [Old Friends]

BOY BYE [Sonny5ideUp]

BIRD LEAF !!!!!!! [NoChillAtAll]

Sing, my angel of music. [Dlisted]

I'll take merciless burns for 1000 [Dlisted]

Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear neck pillows. [OnAPinkPlanet]

I'm with her [AdulthoodIsOK]

Watching this orangutan experience magic is... emotional [TastefullyOffensive]

I just need a minute. [Facebook]

It's metallic brown fantasy over here [fkatwigs]

Man Turtle hits on your girl at the club, what do you do? [EverythingIsTerrible]

Have a great Sunday everybody!

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