*chihuahua voice* "Do you like scary movies?" [the.internets]

looks to try [tatufanclub]

Bone apple tea [via Cabbage Cat Memes]

Damn daddy quack quack [Michael K]

Hey Ron. [Sonny5ideUp]

Because that dog knows good content. [BrielleWestwood]

SQUAD [Local Honey]

How much for both? [Champagne Management]

Animal identification 101 with Kylie Jenner [okay jack]

... what's the catch? [ Unshaped]

But like... why not? [hari nef]

... No. [the.internets]

A dad jerry-rigged his daughter an American Ninja Warrior course in their living room because DADS [Mashable]

And I... Had... the time of my liiiiifffee [BeigeCardigan]

Just so you know, polar bears LOVE kiddie pools filled with ice [mashable]

Sweetest taboo [Champagne Management]

Save hamster Barb! [Mashable]

You better believe I'm swipin right [yung_nihilist]

"Google the moon, Ok?" [New Flesh]

Big mood [EarlBoykins]

Happy Sunday everybody!

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