Song really holds up. [yung_nihilist]

A bargain at any price [WeirdWideWeb]

Tag yourself, I'm yoga pants [hmfl]

Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump... too real. [NBC]

Same. [2000-ish]

Turn up, pepaw! [grilla]

T8ke big cre8ive risks u guys [hfml]

All I need in this life of sin is a dog that performs CPR as part of their dance routine [Reddit]

Every year like clockwork [1-800-garbage]

This could be us... [WeirdWideWeb]

Has anybody ever told you that you're beautiful? [scariest_bug_ever]

I want to live in Kanye Westworld. [Jimmy Kimmel]

It's a very special time of year for my dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [scariest_bug_ever]

Kate McKinnon as grizzled Hollywood star Debette Goldry will make you yell, "Stop hitting me with that shovel, Clark Gable!" [SNL]

Experiencing some mixed emotions about this reveal... [Sir Harvard Dangerfield]

Where my popcorn hoes at? [1-800-garbage]

*sobbing standing ovation* [TastefullyOffensive]

Relatable. [yung_nihilist]

Of course, it had to end this way [ Bork Bork]

Have a great Sunday, and also, Happy October!

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