Britney Spears sneaked into Jimmy Kimmel's bedroom while he was asleep with her dancers. Does Jimmy wear a mouthguard? [JimmyKimmel]

This is real/the best. Thank you, Papa Joe, for lifting our hearts every day. [VP]

The Angry Pets Cover Band is back with this fire rendition of "Let the Bodies Hit the Floor." Hell yeah! [InsaneCherry]

Here's a video of a baby bear named Boog and a baby deer meeting at an animal sanctuary for the first time. That deer is just like "wut." [TastefullyOffensive]

Get in line! [FYouNoFMe]

This cray otter lives in Japan and loves to scream. Look at his tiny ears! [Sadney]

These days are ours, happy and free. [Mlkshk]

Bloop. [AdulthoodIsOkay]

This is so fucked. [AdulthoodIsOkay]

John Waters 4-ever. [LaughterKey]

Would watch. [Mic]

Click play. This is the Prince tribute we've been missing this whole time. [LaughterKey]

Right?? [ChampgneManagment]

Another one for your email sigs folder. [ChampagneManagement]

Memories. [LiarTownUSA]

DAMN. [AdulthoodIsOkay]

Here is a really good video of a wallaby named Welby helping himself to the fridge. Shout out to the dog who walks up half-way through but then sees what's going on and bounces. [TastefullyOffensve]

Have a great Sunday! [AdulthoodIsOkay]

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