Here is a video of dog named Reggie patiently waiting his turn at the ice cream truck. Warning: Video contains incredibly cute tail wagging.. [ Mashable]

Boop. [ RatsOff]

Oh, word? [via Endless Waves]

H8 U MOM [via Versace Tamagotchi]

A coke and a toucan. [ TastefullyOffensive]

Put this in a museum. [via Harinef]

Netflix. [ Mlkshk]

She is decadent. [via Dank Memes]

How could something be so horrible and so excellent at once? [ LaughterKey]

The plot thickens! [Mlkshk]

More pups! [ Coinfarts]

Us, last night [ Brandon Wardell]

Perhaps the best use of your hacking skills. [Gawker]

Drake hosted SNL last night, and, made clear in his monologue...

...that he is more than just a god damn meme. You hear?

Also, nice Ri-Ri impression...

Yes, Canadian black men exist.

Babies love watching skaters fail. [ Tastefully Offensive]

Getting ready for Monday. [ Sashayed]

From "Kimberlake" to "Rainbow Brite" to "Miss Schmidt, if you're nasty." [ Slate]

The best we could hope for from the President Trump Dystopic Future. [ Mashable]

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