Celebrities Read Mean Tweets: Oscars Edition. Susan Sarandon 4-ever. [JimmyKimmelLive]

Would also like to propose "WE GET IT" and "*Its." [ Mlkshk]

Same. [TastefullyOffensive]

Perfect. [Tania Oldyork]

Donald Trump's really good impression of Marco Rubio's water bottle moment. [TheWashingtonPost]

Fuel Jamie with your shame, Bounty. [BlamesAPartOfMe]

Someone added human screaming to clips of trains and it's the best. [TastefullyOffensive]

Let him guide thy hand! [KinderTrauma]

The future. [AdulthoodIsOK]

Butt, My. [Memefacturing]

Who is she. [Woolay]

Where is the lie. [GabbyNoone]

The only awards acceptance speech that matters. [Paper]

No. NO! [GeeksOfDoom]

Oh shit! [LaughterKey]

Meet Marcia, a blind goat, and her best friend and seeing-eye-goat, Maurice, then slide down a wall sobbing because animals are joy and life is abundant. [TastefullyOffensive]

Never forget The Secret Life of the American Teenager. [DanaBaby]

Dorothy screaming "condoms, Rose" on a loop for 5 hours. [StayGolden]

The abyss. [LaughterKey]

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