Beyonce's "Formation" video = White People End Days on Saturday Night Live.

"I can do kicks."

Can this parrot moderate the next Republican debate? [SusanRoss]


It takes a village. [MemeWhore]

This is sex. [ Mlkshk]

Free tattoo idea! [LaughterKey]

You go get 'em, Bethany Morkunas. [MemeWhore]

Us, eating any kind of cheese product . [TastefullyOffensive]

It'sFineIt'sFineIt'sFineIt'sFine. [ AfternoonSnoozeButton]

This is the look. [ TooPoor]

NSFW. [ FYouNoFMe]

Noted. [ChloeMackey]

Going to work on President's Day when everyone else has it off. *COUGHS* [KyttenJanae]

This is peak slide-down-a-wall-sobbing. [MashableNews]

Does anyone else find "here's a pizza, my heart" incredibly moving? Are we dead inside? [ VintageHoliday]

This is definitely what you hear when you die. [ Fozzel]

Happy Valentine's Day! [ FYouNoFMe]

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