Forward by his aunt, who is first to comment with "you look great!" or "where is this" on all of his photos. [ Mlkshk]

SEND HELP. [ TastefullyOffensive]

Same. [ Mlkshk]

A civically responsible squirrel plows his power line. [ TastefullyOffensive]

A craven Bengal cat messes with a dog from inside a tiny house. [ TastefullyOffensive]

Everyone's Christmas. [ Mlkshk]

The dreams that you dare to dream really do come true. [ FYouNoFMe]

:( [ ChayaSaturday]

This is real. [FYouNoFMe]

"And be charmed by your own dimples." [ Mlkshk]

Monkey cat will kill you in your sleep for this. [ TastefullyOffensive]

1-800-BAD-VAPE. [ LaughterKey]

How to make an In-N-Out Pie. Scream forever. [ TastefullyOffensive]

Mad props to this stealth raccoon donut bandit. He didn't choose this life, this life chose him. [ TastefullyOffensive]

Wishing you champagne kittens and disco balls in 2016. [ LaughterKey]

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