The Sunday Funnies

Ryan Gosling and Vanessa Bayer deserve Oscars for this horrifying SNL Christmas Party short. [

She whispers just to you. [PeopleAreHilarious]

Bitch, what. [DuhGreatOne]

And share your thoughts with everyone! They're all interested. [Mlkshk]

Same. [ Mlkshk]

Love. [ Mlkshk]

Love. [LaughterKey]

Honey. [KardashianReactions]

Please. [LaughterKey]

Winter. [JillCervini]

Boom. [AfternoonSnoozeButton]

:( [ Mlkshk]

Hello from the dogside. [TastefullyOffensive]

Lizard squad. [AfternoonSoozeButton]

Never forget. [TheWhiteHouse]

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