During his three day visit to Vietnam this week, President Obama held a town hall for Vietnamese Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative.

In the crowd was the nation's own "Queen of Hip Hop," Suboi, and the rising star pressed the President about the importance for a country to support art and culture.

"I want to know how important it is for a nation to really promote their art and culture," Suboi stated.

Obama, a dedicated fan of hip hop and rap, replied, "Before I answer your question, why don't you give me a little rap? Let's see what you got," as the crowd erupted in cheers; the president even provided a quick beat box.

Suboi then launched into a fire freestyle in her native tongue, as Obama and the crowd nodded along.

Looking impressed as anything...

...Obama then asked what she was rapping about.

I was just talking about some people having a lot of money, having big houses, but actually are they really happy. A lot of things that people look at us and see something they assume, or a lot of stereotypes. Like Asian rappers, they're looking like they're cute girls, but they don't know. For Vietnamese people it's different — they think rapping is not for women.


The president agreed, saying, " "Well, that's true in the United States too. There have always been sexism and gender stereotypes in the music industry."

Come through, Suboi.

Just another bittersweet tally in all the god damn things we'll miss about this amazing, real as hell president.

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