Strangers with Candy

Dennis Dermody


The bizarre brainchild of Stephen Colbert, Paul Dinello and Amy Sedaris, Strangers with Candy ran as a wonderfully warped series on Comedy Central for three glorious seasons. In the film adaptation, Amy Sedaris reprises her role as Jerri Blank, former jailbird, prostitute and junkie, who returns home 32 years later to find her dad in a coma. She decides to return to high school to start things over, even participating in the state science fair in order to create a project that will help jolt her dad back to health, despite the disparaging remarks from her born-again science teacher (Stephen Colbert). With her overbite, scary '70s fashion sense and professional-golfer's hairdo, Sedaris has created a cracked comic marvel. The movie plays like an after-school special gone bananas.

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