Stose's New "Misfits" Music Video: Punk Baseball, Swag for Miles

by Max Kessler

We've had our eye for a while now on Stose, a gay artist who neatly combines rap, punk and rock in one (very cute) package and whose boyfriend, Samuel Colt, documented their sexxxy trip to Berlin for us in our 2010 travel issue. That's why we're especially proud to premiere "Misfits," Stose's first official music video. The video finds Stose's gang of Sid and Nancy-inspired punks going up against -- and kicking the crap out of -- what is surely the WASPiest-looking baseball team ever before heading to a steamy party. Directed by Ash Innovator, the visuals emphasize the song's prodigious hip-hop beat and swag for miles. Check it out, above.

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