Stoned Patrick Stewart Reveals the Secret to Acting

by Elizabeth Thompson

This video of a stoned Patrick Stewart teaching his girlfriend the secret to acting (it all relies on doing four takes) is weird and sweet and perfect. [Gawker]

Good news: More leaked George W. Bush paintings! It looks like he's adding more kitties to his range. We much prefer his weird bath/shower self-portraits, but support this new artistic vision. [Gawker]

Pappy Ray Cyrus weeps! Gonna start a Kickstarter to get this image painted as a mural in Paper's lobby. Donate! [LaughterKey]

Sorry/not sorry. [Digg]

This compilation of people giving really, really, wrong answers on game shows makes me want to crawl under a rock. FISH LOVE 4-LYFE! [TastefullyOffensive]

Oh Roger! I hope you're shooting laser beams of judgement and rage at us all from some dumb and annoying cloud in the sky. [Mlkshk]

Meanwhile, EVERYONE has been hating on Hippocrates on Twitter. Can't a guy catch a break? [Mlkshk]

Cool new scrunchie-holder idea. [Kotaku]

Here's a nightmarish clip from a Christian anti-porn movie that will make you break out into a cold sweat before running home to masturbate. (Sorry, gross.) BUT, it does have our favorite new slang word for beer: "Buzz Juice." Sweet. [Death&Taxes]

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